Yoga means to yoke or to unite.  Hatha is a combination of the Sanskrit words Ha, meaning sun and Tha, meaning moon.  The sun represents those aspects of ourselves that are masculine in nature, such as creativity and action.  The moon represents our feminine qualities of nurturance and introspection.  Hatha Yoga is a physical practice that unites these aspects for a more balanced life. Below are the different types of hatha yoga classes we offer at Peaceful Heart.

Beginner Hatha
a class designed for those who have never experienced the practice of yoga.  This slower paced class may also be of interest to those who have been away from yoga and wishing to brush up on their skills.  The class will focus on the proper positioning of the body as we learn basic yoga asanas (postures).  We will also learn basic pranayama (breath control) techniques that prepare us for short meditations.

Advanced Beginner 
geared for those who have a base knowledge of the practice.  In this class we will build upon our foundation by learning more advanced asanas and deepening our practice through the static holding of the poses, as well as learning to flow them together for a more dynamic practice.  Additional pranayama techniques will be introduced as we learn to quiet our minds for deeper meditations.

Gentle Yoga 
a gentle and slow moving class focusing on deep breathing, relaxation, and meditation. Perfect for beginners, seniors, and those recovering from injury or going through a major life change. 

Yin Yoga

With Yin Yoga, the emphasis is on the deep connective tissues of the body.  These tissues respond to passive, slow, longer held asanas, the majority of which, are done from a seated position.  Focusing on the pelvis area, we activate the various meridians of the body, freeing the flow of energy and bringing about grace in our movement.  Each posture is held from 3 to 5 minutes, allowing the tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia to release physical and emotional toxins.  Often referred to as the quiet practice, Yin Yoga is very meditative.  As we direct our attention inward and allow our bodies to open naturally, we learn the fine art of acceptance.  This is a very balancing practice for our chaotic lifestyles.

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