Feeling a little sluggish?  Are you experiencing symptoms of a cold, flu or allergies?  How about depression?  These are all signs of our body experiencing the transition into Kapha Season.

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and the oldest form of medicine known to mankind.  Based upon the belief that everything is a result of 5 Elements, Ayurveda teaches us to work in unison with the Universe to keep ourselves in balance.  As the Winter snow begins to melt and Spring rains come to nourish our plant life, the Earth begins to swell with excess fluids.  This is the Season of Kapha - nourishing, accepting and growth producing.  

To adjust to this change in seasons, our bodies will begin releasing the excess that has kept us warm and grounded during the cold Winter months.  Signs of this release can include symptoms of cold, flu and allergies.  Sluggishness and lethargy arise as we experience an overload of dampness.  Excess weight and depression can also be felt more heavily at this time.  These symptoms are typically more extreme for those who are of Kapha constitution, but most of us feel them on some level.

We can easily reduce these sensations by changing our lifestyles to reflect the emerging season.  Reducing our intake of mucus forming foods (dairy, sugar, wheat) will relieve the body of congestion.  Eating foods that are light, dry and warm will ease the production of excess fluids that create sluggishness and lethargy.  They will also help to reduce those extra pounds gained over Winter.  

Introducing light and quick movement will also help to move the excess from our bodies.  Movement helps to cleanse the body from excess toxins by massaging the body's organs, inciting them to release accumulations that are no longer necessary for our survival.  Consider adding another yoga session to your weekly routine or perhaps you may find a nice walk outside beneficial.

Consider changing up your routine a bit.  This will help to reduce sluggishness and re-awaken the brain after Winter hibernation.  Avoid sleeping in.  This will only contribute to lethargy.  Please note that if you are sick, the body does need extra rest to restore itself - find your balance here.

As depression is often heavily felt at this time, please be kind to yourself.  Take the extra time to care for your being - get a massage or begin a daily meditation practice to honor this time in your life.

Kapha Season is a perfect time for detoxification.  Be mindful when considering a cleanse for your body.  Cleansing can be as simple as altering the diet or as intense as fasting.  We must always honor where we are at the moment.  If the body is not well, an intense cleanse may produce extreme symptoms.  Recognize where you are at this moment and take the steps that are right for you.

The Universe is consistent.  "To everything there is a season."  As we align ourselves with the natural flow of life, we can bring comfort, joy and health to our experience here.